Woodland Birds


As the sun rises, birds of all sorts set out to feed and explore the woodland. Some are colorful and exotic, while others are small and hyperactive. However, all of them have unique and mesmerizing personalities. As they soar the skies and search for food, the air fills with chirps and squawks.

Petite and Vivacious.

During the early morning, birds set out in search of food and nourishment. Double-barred finches specifically, fly in small communities and feed below the tree line.

 While hyper-actively flying, they occasionally stop and search for seeds and small plants while interacting with other fellow finches.

Pompous Gaze.

Filled with joy and agility an Eastern Yellow Robin rests in a pine tree while he observes the area around him. Flirtatious, he flaps his wings to ventilate his inner feathers.

 From the comfort of his small perch, the robin gazes around his surroundings. Pompously, he displays his bright natural colours.