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Under Water

04 / Apr / 2022

A look at the floods and their environmental impact.

After the continuous storms and the constant downpour, the Australian continent found itself once more in the middle of another natural disaster. Unable to escape the rising waters, people and animals were left to their luck as the flood destroyed their homes. Therefore, unfortunately, claiming hundreds of innocent lives while destroying...


Flying Above Danger

07 / Mar / 2022

Bats And The Challenges They Face In The Wild.

Bats are one of nature’s most exquisite creatures in the wild as they represent the only living mammal who is able to fly. However, they’re also a controversial topic and remain at the centre of many socioecological conflicts. Curiously, this not only affects bat populations around Australia but also stop the growth of native vegetation...


Trigger Happy!

15 / Fev / 2022

A casual conversation about high speed photography.

Whether you’re a wildlife or sports photographer, speed is a significant factor when it comes to capturing that single moment in a frozen plain. While some people have mastered the art through thousands of attempts and years of experience, others still struggle with quick-moving subjects. But you what? That’s totally okay.


5 Tips for Photographing Birds

10 / Oct / 2021

A set of personal tips to give you better results when photographing birds.

Birds! They’re virtually everywhere and always there. However,photographers and birdwatchers alike agree that photographing or spotting them can be a harrowing ordeal sometimes. Fortunately, the progression of telephoto lenses and binoculars have allowed us to observe them from far distances while allowing the animal to stay undetected.


The Dingo Dilema

19 / Jul / 2021

A look at the Australian Dingo and the challenges they face.

The dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is Australia’s largest land predator and is amongst the most prosecuted animals on the Australian continent. Unfairly, they face charges and consequences established by harsh propaganda, outdated scientific allegations, and nature’s most vicious killer; humans.


Wild Neighbours

07 / Feb / 2021

Wild Inhabitants of the city.

Wild animals are considered to be inhabitants of forests, parks and reserves. However, due to the rise of urban centres, many natural habitats have been exchanged for tall buildings and human-made structures.


Facing the Weather

26 / Oct / 2020

A look at conditions and light in different situations.

Light is an influential factor in photography. It has the capability to change shapes, depth perception, moods and also inserts dramatic effects into an image. Light can also ruin a photo or make it an incredible piece of art.


Hidden Away

17 / Sep / 2020

A collection of moments and stories.

Photographing wildlife can be a complicated ordeal, primarily when documenting specific animal behaviours. Animals are also a challenging subject to photograph and will generally flee when encountered in nature.


Editing Tips

09 / Aug / 2020

My 5 top personal photo editing tips.

One of the key parts of content production is post-production. Although a photographer’s job is mostly done while capturing his subject, editing photos can genuinely impact the final results of any photography session.


Soaring Through the Smoke

15 / July / 2020

Flying-Foxes and the bushfire crisis.

Flying foxes are perhaps the largest and the most iconic nocturnal Australian species. They can often be seen at the beginning of the night, leaving their camps and soaring through the night.


Kangaroo Island

17 / June / 2020

Conservation of key Australian Species.

As the world evolves and changes, key species sometimes suffer the constant exploration of humanity in nature. While we build cities and create products that benefit people, we forget that our planet is inhabited by wondrous creatures that roam and inhabit the seas, the forests, the plains, and the deserts.


My Gear

17 / June / 2020

A comprehensive look at what is inside my bag.

Cameras have always surrounded me from a young age. Both of my parents work with content production, which led me to learn lighting and framing techniques very early on. While mom switched lenses throughout a wedding shoot or dad gave commands to the cameramen. I was always observing in awe and looking forward to helping in some way.


Personal Tips

02 / June / 2020

Five Tips to help improve your Wildlife Photography.

Taking photos of moving subjects can be quite tricky, especially when your subject is a wild animal and will flee if in contact with humans. This makes the process of taking a photo all together more challenging.


Field Reports

28 / May / 2020

Photographing Satin Bowerbirds in the Wild.

One of the most notorious mating rituals in Australian birdlife is that of the Satin Bowerbird. Bowerbirds build amazing strawmade structures on the floor named “bowers.” These structures serve as a performance stage for males to court females and possibly mate with them.