The Lives of Wombats 


Wombats are amazing creatures that are endemic to Australia. Being mostly nocturnal, they can hardly be seen during daylight hours. They are also languid and quiet creatures, bursting into action only if extremely necessary. However, if in danger, Wombats can run up to 40km/h to avoid attacks.

Daily Activities.

As lazy as they may seem, wombats can be quite active during colder months of the year. Generally, wombats will exit their burrow earlier in the day to graze and absorb heat from the sun. Those that venture out of the den during daylight hours often sneak a “midday snack.”

 Wombats are quite selective of their food and smell each leaf before ingesting it. Being skilled tunnelers, wombats are equipped with long and durable claws, which they use to excavate their homes.

Rural Collision.

Although wombats are virtually not harmful to people, humans are unfortunately one of the biggest threats to a wombat’s livelihood.A sad but everyday reality around rural areas, wombats like these are commonly lying lifeless on roadsides.

Typically, this is due to reckless and distracted drivers who pay little attention to the road while conducting a vehicle in poor visibility. Therefore, leading an innocent marsupial to its death.