Trees and Trees


Trees are the longest living species on earth – the oldest tree on the planet is thought to be over 5000 years old while providing the oxygen which we breathe and shade we need during hot days. They also decorate the wild with their stunning colors and intrinsic shapes while also providing shelter for numerous species that inhabit the forest. What is nature truly without the great giants that inhabit it?

Golden Light.

Some mornings, I’m just glad to be up early enough to see views like these. Golden light hours are, by far, my favorite hours during the day. During these few hours, the sky and vegetation gain some extra color while trees seem to gain a spotlight while birds fly and chirp loudly. Late afternoons also have a special glow, which is accompanied by a different palette of colors.

While mornings come with a broad orange mix, late afternoons possess a pink flavor that mixes into the blue sky and creates a unique and special landscape.