Lagoon Life


Wildlife near large bodies of water is always worth observing. Whether in the early morning when birds are feeding and hunting or late in the afternoon when animals retreat to their resting places, there is always something special to witness.

Identical Love.

One of my favourite species photographed is the Great-Crested Grebe. These small lagoon birds have a unique mating ritual, which is mesmerising to witness. Grebes are excellent synchronised swimmers and own a significant amount of mobility in the water.

The mating routine consists of a series of mirror-like movements where one mate will copy the other one’s actions.



Early Hunt.

During the early morning, a large egret sets out in search of food. She steadily walks among the lake’s reeds in search of the daily catch. With precision and patience, she watches the surface with hopes of catching her meal.

 While waiting for the opportune moment, the Large Egret carefully surveils the area around it and scans for possible threats.