The Imitation Game


Superb Lyrebirds are indeed exquisite creatures. Although seemingly dull, both males and females have the ability to mimic virtually any noise. They can imitate laser gun noises up to camera shutters. Males use this extraordinary skill combined with a stunning dance to impress females and breed with them. Even though they are great showmen, they possess a great fear of crowds and flee if spotted by humans.

Searching for Breakfast.

During the early morning, a Superb Lyrebirds set out to search the forest floor for food. While doing so, they rake the dead leaves on the ground to find creatures and other food sources. While they do so, commonly, they let out a piece of their repertory, which is composed of the sounds of hundreds of different things and animals.

  Males inhabit specific locations in the forest, which also act as small stages for his courtship display. Females, however, are commonly found carelessly foraging the forest floor.