Hyperactive Catchers


Equipped with high velocity and extreme dexterity, Rainbow Bee-eaters possess the ability to annihilate insects that soar their habitat. These mesmerising birds also have unique and colourful feathers that set them apart. They also raise their offspring and hunt together. Male Bee-eaters also can be quite romantic, bringing the female bees and other insects to show them affection.

Meal Violence.

When hunting, Rainbow Bee-eaters first catch their prey mid-air with high velocity and high mobility. Next, they bring the insect to a perch where they smack the insect with their beak against the branch where they are. After concluding five or six strokes, they will either devour the whole insect or gift it to their partner.

During the breeding period, parents will hunt and bring food in their beaks into their burrows where their chicks are.