Flying Hunters


Optimal hunting opportunities always surround early mornings. Raptors take advantage of this and set out to feed. Each raptor uses a unique set of skills and techniques to succeed. Some of these hover on top of their prey as the Black-Shouldered kite. Others prefer to swoop in at high speed and capture their food with their long talons. The truth is that they are indeed masters of flight and hunting.

Juvenile Inexpertise.

Juvenile raptors are generally slower and inexperienced when it comes to pursuing prey. However, they quickly learn and develop their own set of skills to hunt successfully. And with great expertise comes a new set of feathers and stronger muscles. Black-shouldered Kites are by far one of my favorite hunters.

They hover on top of their prey while locking on an optimal capture angle. And then, without any giveaway, they descend quietly on top of their prey.