Flying Fox Actvities


Throughout the late 2019/early 2020 bush fire crises, many animals were affected by raging flames and smoke. One of the species which was hardest hit by the bush fires were Grey-Headed Flying-Foxes. However, many bat “summer camps” still stood firm through the fiery storm. In January 2020, I set out to capture and show how these camps thrived and declined through this rough period.

Cooling Off.

Summer in Australia can be quite devastating. However, it is through summer that Grey-Headed Flying-Foxes come together and form large groups. Within this period, they mate, feed, and raise their offspring. Due to the flames, fumes, and heat, unfortunately, bat populations suffered a decline. However, some communities still manage to escape this reality by grouping together near large bodies of water.

Most Flying-Foxes in the heat of summer swoop in on the water’s surface to reduce exhaustion and dehydration. This saves them from the heat of summer and helps them cool off.