Exotic Feathers


Endemic to Australia, Cockatoos, lorikeets, and parrots can be found in all colours or sizes within the depths of the woodland. Accompanied by their sharp beaks and loud squawks, they also possess striking colours which will mesmerise any observer. The real beauty of these exotic birds, however, is their colour and variation. 

Family Dinner Time.

United by food, Rainbow-Lorikeets parents and chicks gather near their nest’s opening to feast on the food which their parents have brought them.

While the mother gently lowers herself to feed the children, the father tenderly observes his offspring with care. Hungry and desperate, the chicks chirp rapidly requesting food.


Cautious Surveillance.

As the sun rises and birds set out to feed, a yellow-tailed black cockatoo stops its daily feeding trip to rest atop a dry tree.

Without any cover except its feathers, the cockatoo cautiously surveils its surroundings with caution and curiosity. Alert and ready for flight, it watches over its shoulder with static eyes.