The Coastal Dingoes


The Dingo is Australia‚Äôs largest land predator. While inhabiting areas as the coastal dunes, forests, and the desert, dingoes gather together in packs. Living together, they patrol their territories, raise their young, and hunt throughout the Australian landscape. 

Native and Persecuted .

Dingoes are native and only present in the Australian continent. In the wild, they live in packs of 2+ members. In the pack, an alpha male and female raise pups that eventually leave the group to form their own family or stay back to help their parents with the next bundle of offspring.

The Dingo suffers extensive persecution throughout the continent. Due to outdated scientific research and popular belief, the species is openly hunted in many parts of the continent. Sadly, these actions occasionally result in many dingoes being rescued from the wild and rehabilitated in rescue centres.